Editorial Services

Line Edits
I will suggest changes in wording and sentence structure in order to make the material easier to read, improve the narrative flow, and make sure that your meaning is clear. A lot of problems can be fixed at this stage of the editing process. The author, for instance, might be putting too many sentences in a passive voice. An active voice goes a long way in creating excitement for the reader. I might also spot clichés, repetition, and inconsistencies such as shifts in tense. These are just examples of ways that a line edit can help shape your work into a smoother, more compelling read. I will also correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling.
This edit will also bring your manuscript in line with the Chicago Manual of Style, which sets the standards in the publishing world on a variety of matters. There are stated preferences, for example, about when to use italics versus quotation marks and when to spell out a number as opposed to putting it in its numeric form.

Copy Edits
This is a technical edit in which I will correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. I will also make sure your manuscript conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style, which outlines the preferences of most major publishers. While I will mainly focus on the technical aspects of your manuscript, I will also point out problems such as overused phrases, unanswered questions and inconsistencies in the narrative.

Developmental Edits
This service is for authors who are looking for suggestions on how to develop an early draft into a more engaging read. For works of fiction, I will address character development, pacing, narrative voice, clarity, believability and more. When working with nonfiction, I might suggest altering the structure of your manuscript, changing your tone, shifting your points of emphasis, or adding new material so your readers won’t be left with unanswered questions. Acting as a “first reader,” I will let you know if the pacing begins to drag or if something isn’t clear. Then we can work together to fix any problems that I see. I will also let you know what is working well so that you can play on those strengths throughout the manuscript.

Comprehensive Editing Package
Many clients prefer to combine a developmental edit with a copy or line edit to be completed after revisions have been made. I can put two rounds of edits together into an affordable package.

I have ghostwritten books that have been among the top fifty best sellers in their category. I have worked with a variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction.

Manuscript Evaluation
To help you focus your revision of a work in progress, I can provide a detailed evaluation with notes on structure, writing style, themes, choice of topics covered (in nonfiction works), and more.

Author Promotion

As a former journalist, I know how to get the attention of busy editors as they choose stories for their publications. I can work with you to craft a compelling press release highlighting the reasons editors might want to feature you and your work. 

My press release service also included a carefully compiled distribution list based on your location,  the subject of your book, and other considerations. Finally, I would send the press release to a variety of outlets and follow up if necessary with the contacts at each publication.

*Editing services do not include fact checking (unless otherwise arranged) or responsibility for copyright permissions.